The Company

Selectpath is one of Canada’s leading providers of financial planning and benefits management for organizations, businesses, families, and professionals. They focus on guiding their clients along the right path by protecting, preserving, growing, funding, and maximizing their wealth with effectiveness and efficiency. Selectpath is dedicated to always doing the right thing for their clients and community by simplifying their lives, giving them more free time and the ability to enjoy life.

“Scytl HCM makes it transparent and clear for employees to see how they are being compensated for paid time off.”

The challenge

Managing a workforce with any number of employees when utilizing spreadsheets alone is no easy task, and is also very time consuming. Providing and tracking employee vacation and benefits is also very difficult to achieve when relying on paper-based documentation as a solution. When utilizing multiple different file storage methods it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and ensure file integrity. Selectpath decided a change needed to be made in order to align the company’s Human Capital Management (HCM) needs within a single application and allow their staff to focus more on client needs. 

the solution

Selectpath found that it would benefit from a HCM solution that provides all the tools for their workforce management (WFM) and Human Resources (HR) collaboration needs. Scytl HCM provided the tools needed to move their paper-based vacation and benefits tracking, as well as, human resources and  payroll administration to an electronic solution under one roof. Implementing Scytl HCM gave employees and managers greater visibility of employment information and vacation accrual, while also providing self-service options to the users. This gives users the ability to view their vacation in real time while also allowing them to book time off in advance with manager approval, all through one system.

Scytl HCM easy-to-use solution not only eliminated the need for time consuming spreadsheets, it also empowered Selectpath’s workforce with communication tools so they can be aligned with the organization’s goals and objectives. This allowed the company to focus on what matters most, helping their clients make the right choices.