The Organization

Western Sports and Recreation is a part of Western University’s Faculty of Health Sciences focusing on sports, physical activity, health, and wellness. They encompass both Intercollegiate Athletics and Campus Recreation.

Sean Wheatley
Manager of Business Operations, Western Sports & Recreation Services 
“Scytl HCM encourages the contributions and talents of our distributed workforce and gets them all on the same page.” 

The challenge

When trying to manage a large workforce, it becomes increasingly difficult to track and store information within Excel spreadsheets or paper-based lists. Western Sports and Recreation hire upwards of 450 part-time employees on a per-semester basis while also ensuring that all staff are up to date on all required training. The University’s corporate software system could not meet those requirements. Western Sports and Recreation knew they needed to find a solution that would help manage and track all incoming applicants as well as employee information. 

the solution

Western Sports and Recreation found that it would benefit from a single software solution for all if their workforce management needs. Implementing Scytl HCM allowed Western Sports and Recreation to track the thousands of applications they receive. This means that they can now filter through applications quicker and put them into categories (e.g. Accepted). It also empowered them to manage and update all employee information. For example, Wavelength generates a Staff Appointment Notice called a “SAN” that is required by the University’s Human Resources. Wavelength’s easy-to-use software was the perfect solution to fit all of Western Sports and Recreation’s Human Capital Management needs.