Poll Worker Management

Pre - Election
Election Day
Post Election


Efficient and effective staffing resulting in up to 50% reduction in the time
required for hiring and assigning new poll workers.

  • Customizable and traceable portal for job applicants
  • Job posting management with customized questions and scoring mechanisms
  • Interview scheduling management and applicant filtering.

Review new and existing election worker records – carried forward from previous elections

Assign new election workers with custom assignment workflows and an interactive map which will display all open polling locations near the election worker's home address


Smart scheduling based on predictive staffing for optimized poll
worker assignment.

  • Enable smart scheduling per location based on poll worker address
  • Customization of day by day schedules for poll worker staff optimization
  • Leverage predictive staffing for optimized schedules / voting location optimal staff numbers

Create shifts using Positions,
Party Affiliation, and Languages to ensure accurate staffing and assignment

Create and broadcast schedules to
all polling locations with correct staffing numbers. Utilize auto fill to automatically assign election workers based on previous election records.


Centralized management of training requirements based on trainee profiles.

  • Enable the assignment and tracking of poll worker training
  • Poll worker training based on specific roles to ensure enabled to fulfil their responsibilities
  • Tracking of training supplies / material required for efficient poll worker on boarding

Create and manage all in class
training events – including waitlists and barcoded attendance lists

Give election workers and
administrators insight into completed training and self-service options for registering for online and in class training

Online Training integration

Create and manage all in class
training events – including waitlists and barcoded attendance lists

Time Tracking

Accurately track worked time for each individual poll worker. With the
ability to track general attendance, or punch times down to the minute the
system is designed to be flexible and accessible even in offline situations.

  • Track individuals at an hourly level
  • Branded Punch Sites available in multiple locations
  • Paper based attendance lists for cases of non-internet access

Enable election offices to track Poll Worker's worked time to the minute, additionally pay can be
based on worked hours or adjusted stipend amounts
depending on the number of hours worked.

In the case that internet access is not available at each polling location, paper based attendance lists can be printed for poll workers to sign.

Once received by the election office paper based lists can be quickly and conveniently keyed into the system. Each individual will automatically be marked as attended and will flow directly into the payment review system for simplified payment processing.


Manage all election worker daily activities from one interface

  • Election Day poll worker staff assignment and transfers
  • Real-time tracking of all poll worker staff attendance and potential replacements during Election Day

Update and track election worker

Transfer and manage no shows with
standby election workers


After attendance has been confirmed, payment
details can be reviewed from within the system. This will display any payments poll workers are owed including – Outstanding Training, Expenses, and
Positional Payment (Stipend or Hourly)

Once all payments are confirmed they can be
exported or sent directly to the election payroll provider. (Export may need to
be configured to meet requirements)


Complete post election tasks at anytime with access to all election
worker details

  • Election official poll worker payroll management
  • Poll worker performance review and surveys for future elections
  • Post election poll worker access to payment history and personal information

Perform election worker reviews
and track results – including do not hire for future elections

Review all election worker payment details and generate a payroll file for the payroll system of your choice.


Following the payroll export, payment
progress can be uploaded back into the system for poll workers to review. By granting Poll Worker’s access to review their payment details election offices are able to reduce the number of incoming calls and provide faster access to this information.