Workflows that Adapt to Your Procedures

Scytl HCM Hiring Workflow has multiple steps that you can arrange to match the way your organization hires new employees, our drag and drop interface allows you to create them in an instant.

Capture Employee Details

Collecting new employees information is simple with Scytl HCM, you can input their information through either our employee wizard or applicant portal, and even you can make modifications to it as a required step to ensure no typos.

Define Required Steps and Special Rules

Workflows for Every Case and Auto-Task Assignation

Create as many workflows as you need, tailor them for the different departments and positions of your organization. Each one of these will have its own set of rules and requirements, ensuring that your hiring processes go smoother than ever.

You can also select On / Off Boarding tasks lists to be used in the Hiring Workflow; this action will automatically assign tasks to managers, users or even other users such as payroll managers. Tasks can be set up to be assigned before, on or after the employment start or end date.