Employee Dashboard

The widgets can be added as needed and moved as desired or removed from the dashboard view if not needed. All widgets can be maximized to a full screen view to better show the information, and then returned to normal widget mode to view the dashboard.

Training Module Update

The standard dashboard has been update to include the following items:

Outstanding Training Requirements - This will show the user any training that they are required to complete as part of their position including mandatory training as well as any training associated to a certification. Additionally, users have the ability to register for an in class training event or complete any online training directly from this section.

Calendar-This new widget allows user to review any upcoming events within the organization right from their dashboard. This includes any vacation booked, holidays, blackouts, and even upcoming training events.

With this new functionality administrators are now able to request manager approval on registration for training events. With this option enabled after a user registers for a meeting their direct supervisor will receive an approval task which must be approved before being added to the attendance list.

The old Meetings / Training section has been broken out and replaced by two brand new section titled Training Events and Training Events Setup, don't worry we have not removed or deleted any functionality.

Training Events Setup - This is the new administration section for creating and managing Training Event information - this includes creating training events, adding users to an event, as well as generating and scanning attendance lists.

Training Events - By simplifying the registration page, we gave users the ability to view and register for any upcoming training events in a single click. Additionally, users are able to see any registered training events as soon as they access the page, which helps ensure users make it to their training events.

On the training types you now have the ability to set whether each type utilizes Online Training, In Class Training, or Neither. Additionally, approval can be set for any new training that is added by the user, which will follow an approval workflow for supervision approval.