Workforce Management

Workforce Management (WFM)

Your workforce is the most important resource that your company has, and the complexity of managing it escalates as you grow in size. Wavelength helps you streamline and standarize the processes associated with managing your workforce. 

Schedule Manager

Wavelength Schedule Manager is a fast and complete solution that allows you to create, edit, review, and publish your employee schedules. This tool allows you to create templates so that you can assign employees quickly and easily, or you can auto fill the schedules based on employee availability and position. Also, you can define if employees can request shifts to be swapped, split, picked up, or dropped and easily approve these modifications through the system. Wavelength also allows you to select different scheduling algorithms and set up custom rotations.

Our Predictive Scheduling tool helps you to determine the required number of staff to maintain service levels based on historical demand and other relevant factors.

Attendance Tracking

Keep track of employee vacation, hourly vacations, sick days, and personal time off with our comprehensive Attendance Management Module. Wavelength can be configured for both individual and group-based accrual types. The system allows you to bank overtime (Time in Lieu) so you can exchange it later.

Vacation requests can now require multiple managers acceptance before the final approval notice is sent to the employee.

Timesheets and Soft-Clock

Wavelength’s integrated timesheets allow you to keep track of employee time.  The system built-in Soft-Clock ensures accurate time capture and discourages buddy punching. You can create Pay Rate Cards and attach them to the employees for fast an easy payroll calculation.

Accident Reporting

Wavelength’s Accident Reporting will help you boost your workplace safety performance. This module provides you with details of all incidents so that you can prevent re-occurences in the future.


Wavelength’s payroll seamlessly calculates direct deposits from timesheets. Employees may access their personal pay stubs and gather the data they need for tax or financial planning through the secure PayChequer service. Wavelength also provides a generic CSV export that is accepted by most payroll providers. 


Access anywhere, anytime. 
Wavelength can be accessed from any device.

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